"The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Endure"

(WFLA)  For 93 days, Jessica Buchanan endured a living nightmare.

"It will be probably the hardest thing I'll ever have to endure in my lifetime," she says.

In October 2011, she and an associate were working in Somalia on a humanitarian aid mission when they were kidnapped from their car at gunpoint.

"We were in a convoy of vehicles on our way back to the guest house and we were apprehended by a group of armed men who took over our vehicle and then drove us out to the desert for hours and held us hostage," she recalls.

They were forced to live in the wilderness for more than three months while they were terrorized. Sometimes, for weeks at a time, she didn't have any interaction with anyone.

"Sitting for weeks on end without really opening your mouth can drive somebody crazy," Buchanan says.

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