Texas Woman Killed In Front Of Her Kids

A Texas man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend several times, then throwing her off a balcony all in front of her four young children.

The victim died later at the hospital and the boyfriend is now in jail being held without bond.

"I don't understand how it happened,"

Felicia Courtney-Barrios was 31. The mother of 4 died at the hands of a man she loved.

"We heard her screaming like horrifically- then all of the sudden, it stopped."

On Saturday July 5-- just before dark-- law enforcement sources say Felicia and boyfriend Bardo Bustos had a fight.

He grabbed a tool from a kitchen drawer and stabbed her several times, then threw her over the balcony of their 2nd story apartment.

"I stopped him as long as I could."

But- as witnesses called 911-- Bustos continued.

Sources tell us Bustos went downstairs, stomped on his girlfriend's head, then tried to remove her teeth with pliers.

"The hate he had in his eyes... you should've seen what we saw."

Felicia's four young children witnessed the bloody violence from inside the apartment.

"I hid the kids in my bathroom because I'm thinking- okay, once he finishes with her, he's gonna come after the kids."

"I honestly thought he was a really really good person for her."

Felicia's father-- blind-sided by her death-- says he never knew Bustos to be aggressive or violent. In fact, he was with them during the afternoon of July 5th. The last time he would see his daughter alive.

"I'm out of tears. I'm out of rage. There's no kind of justice that will bring my daughter back."

Bustos was charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend was taken to the hospital. But since she has died, authorities say they plan to elevate the charge to murder.

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