Texas Teen Secretly Lives In Walmart For 4 Days

It was here down the aisle with baby strollers where a 14-year-old boy set up a campsite inside this Corsicana Walmart.

"You never expect that you're at Walmart and someone has been living there for four days that's crazy."

Customers who walked down the aisles where the teen was living never noticed two hidden compounds where the boy was able to store necessities, sleep in a makeshift bed and and eat items taken from inside the store.

He created a crack in the back wall of the drink aisle to grab juice and even collected a fish from the pet department.

These photos show the clothing that employees say the boy would change in and out of every few hours to avoid detection.

Sources say the 14-year-old was so concerned about being caught he wore diapers instead of using the store restroom.

Eventually, a trash trail led to the teen's discovery.

Police were called and released the boy to the custody of relatives.

"I'm wondering what his parents think and how come he didn't come home or why they weren't worried about him."
We're told the boy lives with relatives but was visiting other relatives when he disappeared.

Child Protective Services, meanwhile, says they are usually called in to investigate cases like this but were not called in this time.

Now there's no indication Walmart plans to file criminal charges at this point.

And it remains unknown why he did this.

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