Texas Student Saves Suicidal Woman


If you saw a car stopped on the side of a highway flyover, what would you do?

For a Texas college student, the answer was simple: Pull over, and find out what's wrong.

For Blake Pryor, helping out comes naturally.

"Just a person doing what the Lord would ask us to do and that's helping other people."

But the Round Rock Police Department isn't calling him just a person. They say he's a hero.

"I don't think he considers himself a hero, but personally I do."

Last week, as pryor drove up the 45 flyover in Round Rock -- something didn't appear right.

"It was just instinct. I'm not sure what made me think that. I just had a gut feeling."

A woman in her twenties pulled over at the top -- leaning over the edge, so Pryor pulled over too.

"When I first got there, she was leaning over the bridge, just looking down, and when I got there, I leaned over the bridge with her so I could look her in the face and let her know that I was there."

Police estimate the drop from the flyover is more than 100 feet. Running directly below, Interstate 45.

"She did make a motion to jump. I just grabbed her I gave her a hug and I told her you know it's not worth it."

When Round Rock PD posted what happened on Facebook -- the community responded overwhelmingly. The post now has more than 3,200 likes and hundreds of comments, most saying thank you.

"It's kind of uncomfortable, I didn't expect this all."

"Everyone goes through tough times and everyone needs help and I was just fortunate enough and blessed enough to be the one that was there to help her."

While many drivers saw the same thing he did -- only Pryor pulled over. No surprise to his mother who says he's always been like this since he was a kid.

"When we'd go into Austin, and there would be people standing on the corners, he'd want to bring them home with us."

The 21 year old says he's pursuing a career in law enforcement and ever since his daring intervention, the offers are pouring in.

"I've already been contacted by a few police departments, asking if I'd like to work for them."

Thank includes Round Rock PD - who say they'd be lucky to have a hero among their ranks.

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