Texas Family Survives House Explosion

It's hard to imagine that a house stood here just hours ago, but around five this morning, an explosion blew apart the home.

Neighbors Lesley Mason and Sheree Akins ran to telp.

"Got awoke by the loud boom, and we looked out the window and saw the fire, and we immediately saw our neighbor's house on fire and called 911."

A husband, wife, and her brother stumbled away from the burning debris.

"By the time we got here, the wife and brother were out. The husband was actually on his hands and knees crawling out."

Neighbors say the couple, the brother, and their seven dogs moved in just six months ago.

After the three were taken to hospitals, neighbors focused on saving the pets.

"The last thing the woman said to her dad is, 'I've lost them all. I've lost all my kids.' So, she didn't think she would see any of them."

They found five of the seven, including Chloe, who will be okay.

Investigators say the home had electricity and gas.

A propane tank was also spotted, though pinpointing the cause will take time.

"I don't think we'll be done in a couple of hours. It could take days. It just depends on what the investigators find when they're on scene. They're just gonna take as long as necessary."

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