Texas Boys Ranch to Open Shelter for Abused Kids


(KAMC) -- The Texas Boys Ranch is spending $80,000 to open an emergency shelter which will house 16 abused and neglected children on the south plains.

With only one emergency shelter currently open in Lubbock, space for abused children is limited.

"It's very important because just last month there were 50 children from our region removed from their families, and 25% of those children removed they can't find beds for them in this area," said Mike Wilson, the Texas Boys Ranch program director. "They end up getting shipped out of town...and what our facility will do is open up 16 more beds where we can provide emergency services for children, to take care of them until they get to a more permanant placement."

In December, the organization took over operations of the South Plains Children's Shelter, and is now renovating the same building they used for the new shelter.

"Our whole mission here is sharing Jesus, healing hearts and transforming lives," said Wilson. "We hope that children can be removed from their families and they can get the help they need and the parents can get the help they need because if possible we want our children to go back with their parents."

The home is expected to be complete by the end of June and is being paid for through donations, but the ranch is still $63,000 short.

If you'd like to donate visit www.texasboysranch.org or call 806-747-3197.

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