Special Prosecutor in Sam Medina Case Speaks

AMARILLO -- The special prosecutor in the Sam Medina case is speaking about now, after a Lubbock County grand jury indicted Medina last week.

That grand jury indicted the former Lubbock City Attorney on ten counts of sexual assault.

"The initial special prosecution was to investigate a sexual assault in which Sam Medina was the target," Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims said. 

The allegations against Medina first came out in January, after Medina held a press conference with his attorney. Sims was then named the special prosecutor in the case back in February.

In March, Medina resigned from his position as the Lubbock City Attorney.

"The sexual assault against Sam Medina is generally a second degree felony, but there's been a bigamy allegation as well, what's referred to in the statute which has increased each one of those counts to a first degree felony," Sims said.

Sims said the bigamy allegation comes from Medina already being married, and therefore unable to marry the victim in this case.

Medina turned himself in to the Lubbock County jail the day after the grand jury indicted him. He bonded out later that day.

"Also getting the DA's office to get us re-appointed as special prosecutor on each one of the cases, specifically, by cause number, and offense and defendants name, so that there won't be any confusion or any issue in regards to our jurisdiction in order to handle the cases now that it's come out of grand jury," Sims said,

As for talk of a change of venue in this case, Sims said they're not yet at a point to begin discussing that possibility.

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