Slaton Family Angered Over "Lubbock Lineup" Mugshot

- SLATON -- Justin Hawley says he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his 73-year old mother Wilma, front page on the "Lubbock Lineup."

"People don't understand that that's a real person, that's my mother. She's not a bad person at all," he explains. "We have family members that are seeing it online, we have people coming up to us in stores." 

The weekly publication showcases the mugshots of people recently booked into the Lubbock County Jail. Much to her dismay, Mrs. Hawley found herself as last week's "Mugshot of the Week."

"Why would they put me out there, amongst all those other young people?" she asks.

Mrs. Hawley recently spent a weekend in jail on a charge of Medicaid fraud. Her family says she didn't realize what she was committing, at the time. They also don't think this punishment, plastered on newspaper and the internet, fits her crime.

"When I found out it was in a paper, it just tore me up," Wilma explains, tearfully. "My husband goes to drink coffee with the older folks, they're gonna see all this...I don't know if it's going to make him mad, if his people are going talk about us. That I'm a criminal and all that...and I'm not."

The Hawley family says they've reached out to the Lineup's publishers to get Wilma's photo off of their Facebook, but the publishers refused. 

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