"Revenge Plot" Behind Kidnapping

(NBC News)  Five people have been charged in what authorities say was an elaborate kidnapping plot that targeted the father of a North Carolina prosecutor.

63-three-year-old Frank Arthur Janssen of Wake Forest, North Carolina was rescued Wednesday night from an apartment complex in Atlanta by the FBI's elite hostage rescue team.

Janssen was kidnapped from his home five days ago.

The FBI told reporters today that the kidnapping was related to the 2012 conviction of Kelvin Melton, who is serving a life sentence at Polk Correctional Center in North Carolina for being a habitual felon. He was also convicted of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Janssen's daughter is an assistant district attorney who prosecuted Melton. 

Authorities say the kidnappers sent Janssen's wife text messages with a photograph of Janssen tied up in a chair and demands that would have benefited Melton.

The kidnappers threatened to torture and dismember Janssen and also go after other family members if their demands weren't met.

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