Reading, Writing, & Assault Rifles?


Published 02/25 2014 12:52PM

Updated 02/25 2014 12:56PM

(KSL)  Law enforcement officers for Utah's Granite School District are now carrying AR-15 rifles.

The Granite School District Police Department said it has equipped all officers with the rifles to help parents rest assured their kids are safe.

"These weapons are not intended to provide intimidation for anybody but bad guys," said Granite School District spokesperson Ben Horsley.

According to Police Chief Randy Johnson, the rifles are no different than a shotgun. However, officials feel the weapons will help keep kids a lot safer in an emergency event.

"If we don't get in and stop the shooter, more people are going to die. It's called rapid response,"
Johnson says.  "This has a single projectile that is very accurate, and that's why we issue them to our officers." 

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