Phil Collins Donates To The Alamo

A Grammy winning music legend is helping bring history back to the Alamo.

Phil Collins donated a massive collection of Texas revolution artifacts to the Alamo on Thursday.

Among his vast collection of artifacts from the Texas revolution, Phil Collins counts this sword, believed to have belonged to James Bowie as a favorite.

Most of the collection has been siting in the basement, he says, of his Switzerland home. The 63-year-old, taking stock of his life and his surroundings, decided it would be better if more people could see all the incredible history he's been able to get on his hands.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside the Alamo to see the Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and drummer and hear him explain why it was so important to give the pieces to the state of Texas.

Part of the deal is that a new, much larger building be built to house the entire collection. Vincent Martinez Huizar, who is a descendant of one of the men who helped build the Alamo, says that's welcome news.

They'll have to raise millions to display the collection adequately. but each piece, Collins says, is important because of the sacrifices made at the Alamo.

An even greater part of the allure Collins says is not knowing the stories behind each piece and your imagination coming to its own conclusions.

The artifacts will arrive at the Alamo in October.

A small portion will be on display on rotation until that larger facility is built.

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