Paddlefish ON The Rebound

(KTAL)  A boat ride on the peaceful waters of the Big Cypress Bayou in northeast Texas is like taking a step back in time.

During the 1800s large paddle boats were a common sight for those standing along the banks, and an ancient fish known as the paddlefish thrived in the waters as well.

Now the latter is making an historic return.

The paddlefish has been around for millions of years, since the days of the dinosaurs, but that changed here along the Big Cypress and downstream in Caddo Lake when a dam was built in 1959 to create Lake O' The Pines.

Nearly 50 of these ancient creatures were born around 18 months ago in Oklahoma, each surgically implanted with a radio transmitter.  Those transmitters will allow wildlife officials and scientist to track their progress.  

The reintroduction of the paddlefish is part of an effort to restore the water system to a more natural state, and make it as healthy as possible.

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