New Plan-Turn Astrodome Into Indoor Park

A new vision for the future of the Astrodome.

A Houston-area judge announced a proposal Tuesday to convert the abandoned stadium into the world's largest indoor park and recreation center.

"It depends on what goes in it."

The cameras were set,

The media in place for today's big announcement on the future of the Astrodome.

"The world's largest indoor park."

And that's about all the specifics we heard today from County Judge Ed Emmett. No word on what will be inside.

"I see hiking trails and all sorts of activities on the upper levels. Maybe an exhibit ring where traveling exhibits from museums can come in."

No word on how much it'll cost or who's going to pay for it.

"Like any park. There are some public funds. You also form conservancies or friends of the park."

"Whatever is decided, isn't going to be cheap. This is what the dome looks like inside. You can see most of the seats have been removed, there's no running water or air conditioning. In fact, there's very little electricity available inside."

With no details available, the Harris County sports and convention corporation is now scrambling to come up with cost estimates.

"We have already actually started the next step, which is to go back and meet with architects and ideas people."  

State and national preservation groups will be watching closely. They will have to approve any construction to this building.  

"We think any idea and every idea that can save this building is worthy of further discussion and consideration."

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials say they have no response to the proposal because of the lack of specifics.

For this proposal to move forward, county commissioners will have to vote on it.

If they decide to use public funding - taxpayers will have to vote on it.

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