Million Dollar Closet Heist Items All Fake?

"This is my closet."

Imagine if you will a closet like none other.

Broken into and burglarized days after we were given an upclose look.

"Like violated you know."

That was Theresa Roemer, talking about the heist that was all captured on surveillance video.

But the latest twist to closet caper that made international headlines is perhaps the strangest of all.

"From a person with one of those voice modulator things. And they claimed to be the person who burglarized Theresa Roemers's closet."

And that's not all. He says the person claimed items Roemer described as rolexes, cartiers and channel watches. Along with other belongings valued at close to a million dollars...Were all fakes.

And he says the person offered to give the things back to Roemer for $500,000, but the deal never went through.

"So this person was upset that he went through all this trouble of stealing from someone and he didn't get anything."

To prove the point, the alleged thief sent to the Houston press a package containing some of the purported stolen goods...Including a locket with a strand of hair inside.

Roemer had said that a similar locket containing the hair of her deceased son was among the items taken.

The package and a recording of the phone call were turned over to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Roemer refused to comment about these new developments.

"This closet has been a lifelong dream."

That appear to have turned her dream, into an on-going nightmare.

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