Midland Teachers To Receive Significant Bonuses

- (KMID) -- Hundreds of teachers across Midland Independent School District will soon be getting bonuses. Administrators say it's not going to cost taxpayers anything.

"I've been in this school business for 24 years and superintendent for 15 years and this doesn't happen," says MISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren. 

Eight organizations are donating money to pay teacher bonuses.  The bonuses are needed to attract teachers to combat an ongoing teacher shortage. Superintendent Warren says keeping and recruiting great teachers is his top priority. 

"We're not going to move anywhere academically if it's not on the backs of our classroom teachers, they are the most critical," explained Warren. 

All told, 325 bonuses of $10,000 will be given to new teaching applicants committing to three years in Midland. 1,200 resigning bonuses of $2,500 will be available for all current qualified teachers who stay for 2014-2015. 

"6.25 million is a huge sum of money but it's only the first small part of this partnership," he says about plans to continue work with the eight organizations. 

Superintendent Warren explains the bonuses are the first step to a four step "plan of excellence" that he says will transform MISD. Dr. Warren doesn't yet know exactly what step two will be, but he says it will involve planning for the future. 

"Creating a vision for this school district and for this community," Dr. Warren said. 

Robert Pipes, a new teacher in his first year teaching at Abell Junior High in Midland, says he really appreciates the bonus. 

"I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect it to be so generous and so soon," says Pipes. 

Pipes looks forward to seeing more new teachers join him.

"I hope so, we have a lot of good teachers here, so the prospect of more opportunities would just mean an even better year next year," Pipes added.


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