Lubbock Ranked Absolute #1 Most Boring City in America by Movoto

- LUBBOCK, TX -- Based upon some “Saturday Night Science” a real estate website called ranked Lubbock as the absolute, rock-bottom, hard-core, bottom-of-the-barrel most boring city in America. Only cities with at least 100,000 people were ranked.     

The article by said “We’re not saying any of these places are bad.”

The top-10 ranking then goes into all the reasons the authors think Lubbock is bad (and boring). Movoto starts by making fun of Lubbock’s name. 

“The name of our No. 1 city even sounds like the place is lounging around doing nothing, and that really isn’t far off.” also said:

Lubbock isn’t exactly full of culture either, as the arts per capita ranked 73rd and the music venues per capita ranked 83rd. Where Lubbock really took a nosedive was in the dining department, so much so that it ranked dead last in the non-fast food restaurant category (fast food is borrrring).

The one thing this city didn’t totally fail at was nightlife, where it ranked a pretty middle-of-the-pack 58th. We guess if you’re an older college student who isn’t into art, or living on fast food and cheap drinks, Lubbock might be for you.

Four out of the top-10 most boring cities, according to were in Texas. Other Lone Star snooze-fest cities were Irving, Laredo, and Plano. 

“This is meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun, so try to keep a smile on your face and not take any of this personally.”

If one were to look deeper into the “Saturday Night Science” Dallas and Fort Worth make the top-50 list of boring cities.

Movoto, by the way, lists homes for sale including many in Lubbock. 

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