"Just Keep the Fight"

(KPRC)  It was a typical Major League Baseball game Monday: Mascots, excited fans and well-paid athletes. But the real star inside Minute Maid Park was a 74-year-old great-grandmother from Washington, Texas, who was even sporting her own personalized bat.

"It was wonderful," said Wanda Shannon. "I've never had one with my own name before. I don't know if I've ever had a bat."

Shannon was honored with the first pitch for a battle she's been waging for 16 years. For the fourth time she's fighting cancer; this time it's reached stage four. When her granddaughter wrote the Astros and told them her story they decided to give Shannon the first pitch against the Rangers.

"She has a lot of bad days and it's pretty hard," said granddaughter Misty Acton. "So anything that can make her happy for a little while is just awesome."

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