Jailer Fired-Unauthorized Prisoner Leg Sweep

For the first time, we're seeing the video that got a jailer fired and left a Denton, Texas man with severe injuries.

Jason Bishop accused the jailer of using excessive force.

Now we're hearing from police.

We have to warn you, some viewers may find this video to be disturbing.

These are the moments on July 19 before Jason Bishop would be left with a severely injured face. Denton cops say he was arrested on public intoxication charges and refused to cooperate during booking. So the jailers grab him, and take him into a separate jail cell.

Take a close look at what happens next. A detention officer, identified as Darious Porter, applies a leg sweep, sending Bishop into a wild fall right onto his face.

"My eyes were pretty much basically swole shut almost when I left the hospital."

Police officials issued an apology for what they are calling an unauthorized leg sweep that was against department policy.

"You know, we've already talked to him and told him, you know, we were in the wrong. We're just letting people outside Mr. Bishop and us that know what happened - you know, this is truly what happened. We are absolutely sorry that it happened to him."

Jailer Porter had been with the department for two years and has now been fired for this unauthorized use of force.

As for Bishop, he told us he'd been arrested numerous times but never expected something like this would happen to him.

"I've never been treated like this, or, you know, come out with like, any kind of serious injuries like this."

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