Highway Shooting Suspect in Custody

(NBC News) Drivers around Kansas City are feeling a little safer today after police there arrested someone suspected of randomly shooting at vehicles over the last month or so.

 More details about the suspect were released today, Kansas City authorities now say the suspect taken into custody Thursday has in fact, been charged with a string of highway shootings.

They won't give specifics on what led them to the 27 year old Whitaker, but he was arrested after police and federal agents converged on a neighborhood south of Kansas City with a search warrant late Thursday afternoon.

A vehicle with Illinois license plates was also hauled away on a flatbed truck.

And in a signal that Kansas City residents can now rest easy, the police chief said this Friday afternoon.

As many as 20 vehicles were shot at along Kansas City roads and highways since March 8th.

Most of the shootings occurred in the area's Grandview triangle intersection of several major highways.

Three people were wounded in the attacks, and no one was killed, but in one close call a bullet stopped just short of hitting a three year old girl.

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