"Hanging On For Dear Life"

(KPRC)  A Houston, Texas woman is facing aggravated robbery charges after she stole a woman's cell phone and went on a wild ride with her boyfriend and 9-month-old baby in the backseat. 

Officers say the couple stopped to get gas and the man went inside the store to make a few purchases but his debit card was denied. He reportedly got very upset and threw some items on the floor. 

As the man attempted to leave the store, the store's clerk went out after him to snap a picture of their license plate. The driver of the car became upset and grabbed the clerk's phone. There was a brief struggle, the driver took off and the clerk wound up getting dragged, police said.

"She was being drug by the car, she was hanging on for dear life," said George Mclellan, who witnessed the exchange. "They threw her out of the car down by the bagel shop."

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