Fur Flies in Mayoral Race

(KUSA)  An election will be held in the tiny Teller County town of Divide on Tuesday to elect a new mayor. This year there are eleven candidates running and each of them truly 'gives a crap' about their community.

At least, that's what the slogan for this year's election is: 'Candidates who really give a crap'.

It makes perfect sense, seeing as how each candidate is an animal.

"Most of them say, 'Are you kidding?' And we say, 'No. We're not kidding'," joked Janet Smith, a town resident.

Some of the candidates are dogs, others are cats. There's a wolf running - even a hedgehog.

"Anyone of them would be a good mayor," said Marti Benson, a local veterinarian.

The election is actually a fundraiser, being held by the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter; it's the only no-kill shelter in Teller County.

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