Conservation and Additional Water Wells Aid Quanah During Drought


Published 05/15 2014 10:08AM

Updated 05/15 2014 10:13AM


Quanah city officials say conservation and additional water wells are helping keep the town afloat during the drought.

For three years the city of Quanah has been in stage three water restrictions, limiting the days and times residents can use their water.

Last year city officials say residents used only 106 million gallons of water, compared to nearly 140 million gallons in 2008.

City officials say its water supplier, Greenbelt Water Authority, recently put four new wells online near Greenbelt Lake in the panhandle and that has city officials breathing easier during the drought. 

Not in panic mode. We definitely want people to keep doing what they are doing, but it's kind of a double edge sword because we need revenue too,” said Paula Wilson, Quanah's City Administrator. 

City officials say they haven't increased water rates yet, but will consider it should the costs to the city go up too much.

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