Cat Terrorizes Texas Neighborhood

Neighbors say a dangerous cat has become a nuisance in the neighborhood.  For the more than a year, the cat has been going after people and pets, even attacking a man overnight.

This is the aftermath of a cat attack.

Near all the scratches are two little marks -- what david says were made by the cat's teeth.

That looks like a bite mark to me.

It happened in front of the house where we found this guy relaxing hours later.

David says this cat looks very similar to the cat that left him bloody.

"The cat jumped off the fence and ran towards the dogs and myself. I got in the way of the dogs to try and protect the dogs and the cat latched on to my leg and scratched it."

This photo was taken moments after david and his dogs got away.

"just a little bit panicked I guess... just to get out of there as quickly as I could."

The owner of this cat says he doesn't attack people, but has run up to dogs before.

The cat's owner says she wasn't home during this most recent incident.

"He probably chased us about ½ a block, i'd guess."

Keri Smith and Heinz had a run in last summer with a cat who looked like this guy outside the very same house.

"We were walking across the street and we saw this cat and I just noticed it just launch off the porch and came screaming at us."

He and Heinz got away. Winded but not harmed and now feels luck she didn't end up like this on a morning walk.

David's wife reported the incident to the city.

In cases like this, the city will investigate primarily because of concern over rabies.

The cat's owner could not show proof of a current rabies vaccine but said her cat is up to date on his shots.

KPRC reports it's against city law to keep a domestic animal, including cats, outside.  

Dogs are one exception to that rule, because they can't climb a fence like cats can.

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