Campaign Flyer Stirs Controversy

(KSEE)  A candidate for Fresno, California's city council calls his campaign flyers that feature an image of the Auschwitz concentration camp a "regrettable error".

Incumbent Clint Olivier called out his opponent Mike Wells for mailing out thousands of flyers featuring the offensive imagery of the Nazi death camp.

"When I first saw them I was sickened, I was disgusted, I find them to be reprehensible and I reject them," Olivier said.
"Of course we're very sorry about that.  I hope nobody believes it was intentional," Wells said afterward.

"We were looking for an image that depicted urban blight," he added.
The Democratic candidate says his graphic designer ran the picture past him and he did approve it.

"I didn't know what it was but it looked like it could have been a building in our neighborhoods here in District Seven," said Wells.

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