Brazoria County Bans Housing Immigrant Kids

Brazoria County is now the latest county in Southeast Texas to pass a controversial immigration resolution.

It would ban housing immigrant children who are coming to texas from Central America.  

A couple hundred people packed the Brazoria County courthouse today to voice their opinions about the resolution.

In the end County Commissioners voted unanimously to pass it.

"We have further resolved that this resolution be entered into the of this court.."

The resolution to keep undocumented immigrants out of the area claims quote "The increasing volume of illegal aliens could cripple some counties and cities in Texas".

And the majority of Brazoria County residents who packed into this courthouse agree.

ya know there is already a lot of people here already the government is helping and to let that happen and come in, ya know these kids don't just  need a food stamp card, they need a home.

But a minority in this room, people against the resolution, pleaded with the county not to pass it bringing up the innocent children.

I just dont think you can say pack them up and send them back, they're fighting a war in their country and coming here for asylum.

for crying out loud, i absolutely have the sympathy and compassion for these children, but ya know what, we have american children that are going hungry tonight, we have veterans that will die today because they're not getting their healthcare.

At times the difference of opinions revved up tension in the room.

"I was backing up, he pushed into me."

But the County Commissioners had the final say.

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