Back From the Dead


Published 04/28 2014 12:30PM

Updated 04/28 2014 12:33PM

(KUSA)  The movie, "Heaven is For Real" is now in theaters this week. It is about a young boy from Nebraska who says he experienced heaven during a near death experience.

One man from Boulder, Colorado also says heaven is for real after his heart stopped cold for nearly 15 minutes last fall.

Somerset McCarty says his miracle survival story was made possible because of a good Samaritan, his doctor, and God. McCarty was driving near his house. He put his Jeep in neutral at a stop sign when his heart stopped cold. His body, slumped over in his Jeep.

Somerset believes several minutes passed by until one man, Bart McCoy just happened to drive by. McCoy drove several blocks before he decided to turn around to help.

When McCoy got there, he felt no pulse. Somerset was turning white and cold. McCoy called 9-1-1 and started CPR.

"I was praying out loud and said God if you have a mission for this man let him come back," McCoy said.

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