Arizona Cops Unleash Crime Fighting Car

(KPNX) Law enforcement officials in Pinal County, Arizona have a new weapon.

It's designed by law enforcement but looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie or Robo-cop. 

Filled with gadgets that seem like they've come straight out of a James Bond flick and this four wheel instrument if a bad guy's worst nightmare
The vehicle developed by a company with one mission. To help law enforcement terminate chases.

Another tool is the phantom spikes.
When you deploy the spike system the gas projectiles shoot the system out onto the ground about 15 to 20 feet besides the vehicle which in then turn and hit and disable the tires. Allows us to take the officer out of spiking a vehicle on the side of the road possibly getting injured possibly getting hit," said one Sheriff's official. 

Bringing a suspect to a stop is one thing.

But during a pursuit, the s-u-v can help with the push of a button

One more added feature, a wireless microphone that can record from over a mile away.

"There's no better account than audio and video of the exact crimes that were committed or violations that were committed during the stop," a sheriff's deputy said. 

It's a new, innovative product with a simple goal of helping officers do their jobs safer.

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