Alarming 5 Emergencies Per Day, Synthetic Marijuana in Lubbock

- LUBBOCK -- Synthetic marijuana overdoses in Lubbock are on the rise with at least 5 overdoses a day coming into emergency rooms according to EMS.

It is illegal to sell synthetic marijuana in Lubbock, but some shops still sell the drug and label it as “not for human consumption” or “aromatherapy.” 

Synthetic marijuana can cause an altered state of consciousness, sweats, fever and an elevated heart rate that can lead to heart attack and even death.

Chad Curry, UMC Emergency Medical Services Training Chief, says often the synthetic pot is mixed with other drugs such as bath salts causing a violent reaction.

University Medical Center’s Emergency Medical Services personal are taking new measures to protect themselves from violent synthetic marijuana users including self-defense classes. There has even been discussion of carrying high-powered tranquillizers.

A new drug called "Krocodil" has also popped up in Lubbock that can cause a flesh eating virus to attack the body at the injection site.

Activists in Lubbock continue to protest the sale of synthetic marijuana outside smoke shops that they say continue to sell it. 

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