A Lubbock Man Is Arrested For Failure To Vaccinate His Pet

LUBBOCK -- A Lubbock man was arrested on Sunday and charged for failure to vaccinate for rabies, he was released on bond Tuesday morning. 

Lubbock Animal Services said that it is possible for pet owners to be jailed if they do not comply with the city ordinance of rabies vaccinations. 

"It's just like a citation a police officer will write," said Jackie Stephens of Lubbock Animal Services. "If you ignore it and you don't pay the fines it can turn to a warrant and you can go to jail for it."

Rabies vaccinations cost about $10 to $20 in Lubbock and certificates are valid for one or three years from the date of vaccination as determined by the type of vaccine or the veterinarian. 

Not complying with the rabies vaccine can cost pet owners a $131 fine. 

"Make sure your animal is vaccinated for rabies and licensed through the city," said Stephens. "That's the two things we see out there that people are not keeping up with that we will issue citations on."

Rabies are transmitted via the saliva. Lubbock Animal Services said it is important to vaccinate your pet for the safety of the public as well as your pet.

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