10-Year-Old Linked to Burglaries


Published 04/24 2014 01:40PM

Updated 04/24 2014 01:41PM

(KXAN)  Police in Austin, Texas say they've busted a burglary ring made up of several teens and at least one 10-year-old child.

Erik Rene Marciel, 18, is charged with attempted burglary of a residence.

One of the other minors is connected to as many as 11 burglary cases, according to court documents. Another is 10-years-old.

Because some of the suspected burglars are so young, they often do not spend much time in custody, and quickly return to committing the crimes.

"I understand they're 10-13 years of age...If they can't do anything to children, do it to the parents," said Rosa Narro. "There needs to be more supervision."

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