Spring Break Camp at the Amarillo Zoo

AMARILLO -- The Amarillo Zoo is holding Spring Break Camp this week for students. 

The junior Zookeepers will work with keepers preparing meals, cleaning exhibits, and studying animal behavior. They will also go behind-the-scenes and help prepare enrichment activities and diets for a variety of Zoo animals. 

Each days theme is:

Monday - Slimy, Scaly, Creepy, Crawly
Get up close to the Zoos invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians as we explore their habitats, diets and defense mechanisms.

Tuesday - Jaws and Claws
Explore the delicate balance between predators and prey. Well learn how lions are able to take down large prey, how smaller animals keep themselves off the menu, and what role humans play in the circle of life.

Wednesday - Animal Play Day
Animals cant go to the movies or amusement park! On this day well see what the Zoo animals do to stay busy and have fun. Help keepers design and make different types of animal enrichments for lions, monkeys, lemurs and more!

Thursday - Zoo Chefs
Animals need a healthy, balanced diet just like us! Learn what is on the menu for the Zoos animals and help prepare meals for some of the creatures you meet.

Friday - Texas WILDS
The Great Plains are home to some amazing animals, many of which can be seen right here at the Zoo! 

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