Special Prosecutor Named in Medina Case

- LUBBOCK, TX -- Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims was named as a special prosecutor this week to investigate and possibly prosecute Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina.

Medina revealed publicly in mid-January that his estranged daughter-in-law accused him of sexual assault. Lubbock Police turned over their finding to the Lubbock County District Attorney who in turn asked Sims to take the case.

Medina denied the allegations and has been on paid leave from the City of Lubbock.

On Thursday the City Council will consider his status.

One option is to change his status from paid leave to unpaid leave. When asked if there is a timeline to present the case to a grand jury, Sims said,

“It will be a while.”

“There’s not a timetable yet,” Sims said.

Medina has said the allegations came from divorce of his son, Erik, and his soon-to-be former daughter-in-law. Sims also said, “I’ve got a prosecutor at the divorce hearing.”

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