Special Patient Inspires New Wing at BSA

- Thomas Lynch is eight years old, and he's spent a good chunk of those years in the BSA pediatric wing.

"We've been so inspired by our son Thomas who can't walk and can't talk, but has taught us so much about just how we live and how we are to be joyful in all circumstances," Judy Lynch, Thomas' mom said. 

Now Thomas and the Lynch family, along with the Children's Miracle Network, are bringing that joy to the halls of the pediatric wing.

"We struggled for years to really just even keep him alive, and we spent a lot of time at the BSA hospital, particulary the pediatric wing. And my wife used to joke that it looked like a hospital," Barry Lynch, Thomas' dad said. 

The Lynch family spent 18 months working to make the pediatric wing look less like a hospital and more like a home.They commissioned area artists and contractors to renovate the rooms, common areas and courtyard with bright colors and positive images.  

"It's just welcoming and filled with love," Catrina Meltom, a BSA nurse said.

"Compared to before, where it was just really, really plain and very gray and hospital looking. It's just incredible," Jennifer Yankovich, a BSA nurse said.

For the Lynch family, the completion of this project hits close to home.

"I'm more proud of the insirpiation my son has given all of us," Barry Lynch said. 

Inspiration that trasformed the Lynch family, now transforming a hospital into something much brighter for all the families to come.

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