Southwest Airlines Cuts Denver Flights

- AMARILLO -- Two more non-stop flights out of Amarillo are being cut.

    Southwest airlines announced Tuesday they're dumping both non-stops to Denver.

    This is the third non-stop Southwest flight to be cut from Rick Husband Amarillo International this year.

    More may be coming after the Wright amendment expires later this year.

    The Wright amendment currently forces all flights out of Dallas Love Field to stop in another Texas city or neighboring state before flying on to it's ultimate destination.

    That meant more flights for smaller cities like Amarillo.

    Once the Wright amendment expires in October, Southwest will be able to fly non-stop to any destination, leaving smaller cities fending for the leftovers.

    Since they're adding more flights elsewhere and haven't added any additional planes, Southwest had to cut flights based on demand.

    Southwest spokesperson Whitney Eichinger says there's actually a silver lining behind the cuts.

    "Although there is a reduction in frequency between Amarillo and Dallas, there's the opportunity for Amarillo customers to actually connect to more non stop destinations out of Dallas."  Eichinger said.

    The airline is adding non-stops to Reagan national in Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

    Amarillo currently has eight non-stop flights but, that will         drop to five by the end of the year.

    Along with the two Denver flights that end November 2, 2014, Southwest previously dropped the number of daily non-stops to Dallas from five to four.
    Because of the elimination of the Wright amendment, city leaders have known something like this was coming for some time.

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