Soldier's Emotional Return

It was an emotional return for one of our hometown heroes.

Lieutenant Beau Baer was greeted not once, but twice on June 22, as he returned from a ten month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Lt. Baer's wife Shirlene says the day he left was the worst day of her life.

Today, she and their children get to share in the joy of his return.

There was another surprise waiting for Lieutenant Baer around the corner.

"America Supports You Texas" helped bring in more than 100 people to welcome him home

About returning home, Lt. Baer says,  "absolutely awesome Kelly, walking off the jetway there, I could see the people in the windows here and I started losing it then.  I started crying.  I didn't know if i'd be able to make it and I had forgotten about it until I got up here to see my family and went around to this corner and everyone just yelled my name again and I lost it again."

While Lieutenant Baer has been gone for nearly a year, he has managed to stay as close as one can while serving overseas.

His wife Shirlene brought him to church almost every Sunday thanks to an i-Pad  and Wifi.

He also attended many of this children's events while stationed in Afghanistan.

If you missed our story last month "Prayers from Home," and would like to see how an iPad and Wifi kept Lt. Baer close to his family, click here.

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