Social Media Super Bowl Feedback

AMARILLO -- In this day and age, it's not enough just to watch the game. Many take to social media to get their opinions and predictions out on the game, and we went to Facebook and Twitter to get yours.

During last year's Super Bowl alone, there were more than 24 million tweets, to put that into perspective, that's about a fourth of the number of avacados that were eaten Sunday, which was an estimated 80 million. 

As we found out, it appears the High Plains are all about Mile High Stadium, and the Denver Broncos, at least until the game started.

Then the Seahawks fans started chiming in more. Thank you at home for your responses, but some of the predictions had nothing to do with the game.

One woman predicted she'd be turning off her tv, two people predicted a Dallas Cowboys victory, and one guy predicted, there would in fact be a game Sunday.

Most of the game-related posts were before it started, while the majority of comments were about the ads.

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