Skinner Gets Another Day in Court

- PAMPA -- Convicted killer Hank Skinner gets another day in court

        An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in Pampa.  Though, Skinner himself will not be there.

        Skinner's defense team confirmed he will not be in the court room during the two day hearing.

        Skinner has long sought additional DNA testing on evidence found at the crime scene he says would clear him of the 1993 murders of his girlfriend Twila Busby and her two adult sons.

        Evidence and witnesses will be presented at the hearing by Skinner's defense team and the Texas Attorney General's office.

        The primary pieces of evidence from both sides will more than likely be three different post conviction DNA test results peformed on evidence from the crime scene.

        Two of the tests were performed by the DPS crime lab in Lubbock.

        The Attorney General's office says the results further implicate Skinner.

        But, a third independent test performed by Skinner's defense team points to a relative of Busby as the killer.

        An advisory filed by Skinner's attorneys last summer implicates Busby's uncle Robert Donnell as the killer.

        Donnell allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward Busby just hours before her murder.

        The lead attorney for Skinner, Robert Owen says if this DNA evidence had been available at the time of Skinner's trial, the jury would not have convicted him.

        A ruling from this two day hearing will not be immediate.

        Attorneys for both Skinner and the state will have until the end of February to file their written arguments.

        Even if the court rules in Skinner's favor, that does not mean his conviction will be reversed.

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