Skijoring: The Most Dangerous Game On Horseback?

(KULR)  Riders and skiers joined forces in Red Lodge, Montana last week to showcase a little known sport: Skijoring.

"It's the most dangerous thing you can do on a horse with a guy attached to you, chasing you," Rick Farmsworth says.

He says horses are normally an escape animal that runs freely.  In skijoring, it's a team combined of a horse, a rider and a skier.

As the trio makes their way around the obstacle, the skier is holding on to a rope that the rider is holding onto the other end, going up to 25 miles per hour. The skier is also hitting jumps in the obstacle.    

"They're going fast, we're in the mud, we're turning left, they're going over jumps. You get to the crowds, the horse he knows it, picks up his ears, it's fun," Farmsworth says.

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