Skellytown's Trash Troubles


SKELLYTOWN -- When Warren Kayler of Skellytown went out of town, he didn't know what he was coming home to.

"I came back and noticed the trash has not been emptied," said Kayler. "I couldn't even get near the trash can, there's something dead or rotting."

A broken down trash truck is to blame, leaving city officials down in the dumps.

"We have a new sanitation truck we'll be purchasing," said mayor pro tem John Perry. "The one we have now's been in the shop a lot, so we're trying to get everything worked out."

But for Kayler, the timing was terrible.

"We had a party here for my grand daughter this weekend," said Kayler. "It was intolerable, because all the flies that were attracted to whatever that is were all over my guests."

Wednesday, City commissioners met with nearby White Deer officials at city hall, to see if White Deer's trash route can make a few more stops.

"Possibly get someone else, whenever our truck's down," said Mayor Perry. "Someone come in and help us out there."

While Kayler understands the issue, he says it's time to fix the problem. He wants to clarify he did not say it's time to take the trash to town.

"I've been a Mayor here before," said Kayler. "I realize the difficulties in town but when the cow's in the ditch, you gotta get it out."

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