Six Amarillo Funeral Homes Cited for Violations

- AMARILLO -- Almost a third of Amarillo's funeral homes failed surprise inspections by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

        The FTC recently cited Six of Amarillo's 19 funeral homes for failing to disclose their prices.

        That's something all U.S. funeral homes are required to do under the "Funeral Rule" established by the FTC.

        The rule was established in 1984 as a way to protect consumer rights while making funeral arrangements.

        The rule requires funeral homes to provide customers with an itemized general price list at the start of an in-person discussion of funeral arrangements.

        They're also required to provide price lists for caskets and outer burial containers before customers view any of them.

        Funeral homes are also prohibited from requiring the purchase of any item, including caskets, as a condition of performing the service.

        Rector funeral home in amarillo is *not* among the homes cited for the violation.

        Owner Lynn Rector says it's good to have the rule in place because grieving families are vulnerable.

        "We don't sell cars here.  We're working with people during a very emotional time and i don't think it's right to take advantage of their emotions."  Rector said.

        Rector says the only funeral home charge that can't be denied is the fee for basic services from the director and staff.

        Rector says every customer should be given an FTC disclosure form that's signed by the customer and the funeral director.  This form states that the customer was provided with price lists before viewing or discussing any items or services.

        The FTC did not release the names of the funeral homes in violation.
        Those that were cited were not fined.  Instead, they opted to take part in a three year training program designed to increase compliance with the funeral rule.

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