Shred It to Save Your Identity


Save yourself from identity theft, with a shredder.

Or better yet, let someone else do the shredding for you.

"You've got all this stuff laying around your house that maybe you've saved up for your tax documents.  Items like that. And now it's time to get those things disposed of so, you know, why throw it out there for the thieves to take when you can get it done properly," Corporal Sean Slover, Amarillo Police Coordinator said. 

Crimestoppers, along with Document Shredding and Storage and the Crimestoppers students, will shred your important documents this weekend, up to four boxes, for a donation to Crimestoppers.

Last year, this event set a record. DSS shredded 11.5 tons of paper, savings space at landfills and about 200 trees.

"It's a really green way to help the environment," Corporal Slover said.

So you can shred it this weeken, to save yourself from identity theft in the future.

The event is taking place Saturday, May 3rd from 10 am till 2 pm at the Market Street United.

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