Sewing for Heroes

PAMPA -- It's a gift to not only warm a soldier's heart, but also to let them know we care.

"They say I didn't know anybody cared, bottom line, I didn't know anybody cared."

Debbie Black says she's been sewing her whole life, but got tired of making quilts for herself.

Now, she makes them for heroes.

Black says, "We make them for family members, service member, veterans, wounded veterans, either here or overseas."

Black tells us it all started when she wanted to be a part of a group called Quilts of Valor.

She contacted a store named, Sew What in Pampa, for a place to do it.

The owner of the shop says Black's offer was one she couldn't refuse.

Sew What owner Nona Melanson says, "You can't not do it. They should be involved because those soldiers gave them freedom, and you should participate in everything you can to have to do with them."

"Because I didn't chose to put on a uniform and serve my country, it's the least I can do to give back a portion of my appreciation to those who have served my country, " says Black.

Sewers don't always get a chance to hear back from the soldiers or loved ones who are sent the quilts, but Black says when they do...

"They weep tears of joy. One of our veterans said, I've never been so proud."  

She says if you don't realize the impact you can have on these men and women when you pick up the needle, hearing those words will change all of that.

"Supporting our veterans, the people that are willing to step up for my freedom, because it comes with a price, a quilt is a small gesture of love and a hug that we can give back to those people, " says Black.

Quilts of Valor is a national organization.

So far they've given more than 95,000 quilts to people of all ages affected by war.

Black tells us, "Some of these kids don't have family members back at home.  So when they get that quilt, they didn't know somebody cared.  That's why they get the reaction, because somebody does care at home."

There are several ways you can help out or make a quilt for soldiers past and present.

There's also a quilt show on September 13, 2014 in Pampa where you can earn some money and your quilt could be sent overseas.

For more information on Quilts of Valor, head over to

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