Seven Injured in Restaurant Crash

- AMARILLO -- Seven people are taken to the hospital after a semi-truck crashes into a restaurant.

        It happened late Tuesday night at East Amarillo Blvd. & Pierce.

        Two vehicles collided in the intersection and one of them veered out of control and crashed into a McDonald's.

        One police officer on the scene immediately after the incident said he was surprised none of the injuries were life threatening.

        How did it happen?  Police say a white Honda driving east on Amarillo boulevard was in the intersection at Pierce when a semi truck headed southbound clipped the front driver's side of the Honda causing it to spin out of control.

        The semi continued on, veering to the driver's left, into the parking lot of the McDonalds.  The semi hit a Ford Explorer pushing it into the wall of the restaurant before flipping on it's side.

        Police say one of the vehicles ran a red light causing the collision but since no charges have been filed they are not releasing which one it was.

        All three people in the Honda were hospitalized as well as the driver of the Ford Explorer that was slammed into the restuarant by the semi and the truck driver.

        "We had some information that two employees from McDonalds were attended to medically last night.  I don't know if they were transported or transported themselves.  We're still trying to find out if it was actually two employees or two people inside the restaurant."  Police Sergeant Brent Barbee said.

        The intersection is one that has a red light camera so police have a picture of whichever vehicle ran the red light.

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