September 16th, Monday Morning Forecast

- A little more rain has come to the Panhandles and it's looking better for today to be a wet one. A complex of showers and thunderstorms will move over the area before midnight with some heavy downpours. Watch out for flash flooding as this will be a somewhat slow moving storm. If you can't tell how deep the water is on the road, make sure to go around and find a different route while driving. The cold front that helped us get rain on Sunday will still be in the area this afternoon to bring a few more showers and storms. We will heat up to the 70s and 80s with humid conditions. We'll keep a slight chance for thundershowers around for Tuesday but we'll warm up to the mid 80s. The rain returns on Thursday and Friday with the passage of the next cold front.

Have a great day!

Meteorologist Chris Martin

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