Senator Ted Cruz Makes a Trip to Amarillo

Senator Cruz spent the morning of September 6 at Bell Helicopter, then spent some time at the chamber building in downtown Amarillo.

Senator Cruz discussed the economy and mentioned immigration, but had a lot to say about the current situation in Syria.

He says it doesn't matter where in our state you are, Texans are deeply concerened about the possibility that the US will get involved in that country's military conflict.

Senator Cruz says Congress and President Obama need to focus on one objective and one objective only, protecting the national security interest of the US.

He says he thinks sending troops to Syria could put us in danger, more than protect us from danger.

Senator Cruz says, " doing so has a very real risk of number 1 benefiting the rebels, many of whom are affiliated Al-qaeda and other radical Islamic terrorists.  And I think

empowering them would only undermine us national security interest.  "

Senator Cruz also says limited strikes have a potential to lead the US into longtime military presense in Syria.

But Senator Cruz wouldn't say whether he would vote against military action in Syria.

He says right now, he's keeping an open mind and listening to the adminstration's arguments.

But Senator Cruz says so far, he doesn't think President Obama has presented serious arguments to get involved.

He says he doesn't think it's in our national security interest to do so.

Senator Cruz says the administration argues that we should fire missiles, not to destroy chemical weapons or defeat an enemy of the US, rather to make a statement.

Senator Cruz believes if we are giong to get our military invovled, it should only be to protect and defend our country.

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