Search For A Superstar

Amarillo -- American Idol is on the hunt for a superstar and the 17 city search is stopping right here in Amarillo.

Senior Supervising Producer Patrick Lynn told us where to go, what time, what they're looking for, and also told us about something new this year, the show has never done before.

Let's start with the basics.

The bus will be rolling up to the Don Harrington Discovery Center on Wednesday and the actual auditions will be on Thursday starting at 9 a.m.

Lynn says they're wanting auditioners to not show up until 6 a.m. on the big day and are asking for no one to camp out.

Also, the age range this year is 15 to 28.

So you may be wondering, why the yellow city? 

"We had to pick a route, and pick places that we think you know, weren't big cities but could possibly offer good talent. So we're kind of taking our finger and going down the mat and Amarillo, bam!..Right there."

Lynn says they'll be in town until around 5:30 Thursday.

He tells us there's also something new this season.

It's the "True Believer Initiative".

This is when a winner is crowned and names their "True Believer," someone who encouraged them to try out.

The "True Believer" will get $50,000.

Lynn says a big part of the show since day one has been moral support and this is just adding on to that.

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