Scouting for Food

It may not be Halloween, but thousands of kids went door to door asking for food, including some right here in Amarillo.

"I  like to do this because it's helping the community and helping people who need food."

Many cub scouts of the Golden Spread Council spent their Saturday hitting the street to give back.

Cub Master Darin Via says, "we pick up canned goods and deliver here to the food bank for them to give to the less fortunate in our community.   "

"You just go street to street that you choose and you help out each other."

Scouts went door to door asking for non-perishable food items, preferably canned goods.

All the food gathered will go to the High Plains Food Bank and many other local food pantries and churches.

We asked some scouts why the like to be a part of the food drive.

Besides having fun, they tell us it feels good to help those in need.

"Many people in the world are less fortunate than I am.  They don't have a roof over their head or dinner every day."

"It helps the less fortunate."

In total, the scouting for food drive brings together about 5,000 scouts and volunteers, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop the tradition anytime soon.

Via tells us, "we appreciate everybody's support for cub scouting and we look forward to coming out and picking up cans from you next year."

If you didn't have a scout come to your door, donations can be brought to any United Supermarket in Amarillo.

Last year the scouts gathered about 1,400 pounds of food.

The Golden Spread Council serves more than 8,000 kids in 27 counties of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

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