San Jacinto Christian Academy Students Fund Teacher's Book on Marriage

Teri Hollis says, "I always wanted to be a teacher, to be honest."

Teri Hollis is a seventh and eighth grade teacher at San Jacinto Christian Academy. She teaches many subjects and students, but the lesson that her students learned goes far beyond any textbook.

Teri says, "It actually started several years ago with Facebook and I had several people ask when I was going to write a book, and I blew it off actually and it became something I knew I had to do. It started out with the See Good, See God book and we knew that there would be other books to come, and so the next one is See Good, See God for Marriages."

Teri shared the project with her students as part of a prayer request, and what happened next was unexpected.

Teri says, "One of my students got up and brought me a dollar bill and said here Mrs. Hollis, and I was like no, no I can't take it and he was like just take it."

Seventh grader, Logan May says, "That moment God told me to give it to her and so I just gave it to her."

Teri says, "Then he said can I change the number on the whiteboard and I said ok. After that happened, kids just started pulling money out of their pockets."

For the next two months, students gave Mrs. Hollis Christmas and birthday money, and even their allowance.

Seventh grader, Braeton Taylor says, "When the number started going down, we were like we can do this."

Seventh grader Avery Stanley says, "I had saved up a lot of money for a while and I didn't know what to do with it. Whenever she told us about the See Good, See God book, God said that this is what you're supposed to do with this money."

When some of her students wanted to help, but didn't have the funds, Mrs. Hollis opened another door.

Seventh grader, Crosse Gregory says, "She just looked at me and said you can pray."

Teri explains, "I knew that once they started giving to the project that they were to be apart of the project and so I asked them what they would say to married couples, and I told them that they know things that a married couple need to know as kids. So what began flowing out of them was incredible, incredible."

Holly Holcomb, seventh grader, says, "I was in church a couple weeks later and my pastor said someday there's going to be something that revolutionizes marriages and it's going to completely change the world, and God whispered in my ear at that moment and said that's going to be See Good, See God for Marriages."

Alexis Bradley, eighth grader says, "We see things that not all adults see especially in relationships, and I think it's a real blessing to be able to put that insight and knowledge into a book that will save marriages and help couples."

"My hope is that they understand they can do big things and it's not about the amount of money that's involved, it's that they have a voice and they can be heard, and they can be apart of big things that will change their lives and change other people's lives, " Teri says. 

Seventh grader, Mercy Robertson, says, "I know how big of an impact her first See Good, See God on me so I just think that for marriages is awesome."

Eight grader, Jake Fowler says, "Just coming from a broken family and stuff, you realize how important marriage is."

Eighth grader, Lydia Dawson says, "Mrs. Hollis is another big part of why I did this, because she's helped me grow in my faith and I really just wanted to help her out in what she wanted to do."

See Good See God for Marriages is set to be released on June 7th.

If you're interested in purchasing See Good, See God you can find it around town at various locations:

Lizzie Mae's Mercantile 


Hill's Hallmark

Trinity Fellowship Church

The Urban Giraffe


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