Salvation Army Spends Extra On School Supplies


Each year, the Salvation Army helps out families by providing them with school supplies.

Rachel Medina says "I have so many kids that they actually help me get the school supplies that I can't get or maybe an extra backpack for one of them. And they're just great to have and help around the community."

Originally eight thousand dollars were donated for this year's Shoe and Sock Program. But because demand for school supplies was so wasn't enough.

Salvation Army PR Coordinator Catherine Meck says "We exceeded the eight thousand in our very first day, on Tuesday. We have actually spent close to twenty three thousand dollars on the Shoe and Sock Program."

The other money came from donations they received throughout the year.

This year's program lasted longer than expected.

Meck says "This program was designed for three days...Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week. And since we exceeded it on the very first day, we decided to continue this on."

Meck says because of the turnout, they knew there was a higher demand for this year and they wanted to be able to meet that need.

Meck says: We gave out 207 backpacks the first day and today we went and purchased 445 more from Wal Mart and the school supplies to go along with it. So the need was there and we wanted to be able to help the community.

Because the number of people in need was more than expected, some students gave up their last few days of summer break to help.

Volunteer Paige Bentley says "I get a lot given to me and I should give back because definitely going through this and realizing how much kids don't get as much, that this can just show and shed light to them and that they can have what we get at all times."

The Salvation Army also had some outside help this year.

Because the organization was unsure of the amount of backpacks needed, Valero actually donated the first set.

They also donated school supplies and flash drives for the high school students.

Demand for supplies was so high this year that people started lining up at noon for today's event, even though it didn't begin until two.

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