Salvation Army Helps With Major Expenses In Fritch


More than a month after the Fritch fire, the Salvation Army is still helping families who lost everything get back on their feet.    

"We have 43 families currently on on our case load. And we have almost all of those families temporarily housed and we're working with the last few families to get them into rentals or to get them situated." Jennifer Santer, Coordinator of Social Services said. 

Right now, the Salvation Army is focusing on big expenses for these families, offering assistance with down payments, mortgages, major appliances and things Fritch families need to re-build a home.

The Salvation Army has received more than $100,000 in donations specifically to help in Fritch.

"Instead of little initial investments, we want to make sure the family is invested back into Fritch, helping with deposits, with rent and mortgages and that type of thing," Catherine Meck, Salvation Army Public Relations Coordinator said.

This summer, the Salvation Army will also bring the spirit of the holidays to Fritch, with a Christmas in July event.

The organization will provide school supplies, bikes, and toys to young fire victims at an event on the 26th.

"With being part of a disaster recovery, this is a fun part, that we can give back to the community," Meck said. 

Giving back, by getting Fritch families back into homes and back on their feet. 

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